Such a busy week I actually just forgot to do a comic! Well to make up for it here’s a bunch of quick strips about all the recent video games I’ve picked up and some of my thoughts on each:

Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box:
Straight on continuation of the last game. Nothing innovative here, if you loved the first one (which I do) you will love this one. I just wish they’d impor tthem faster…we’re only on part 2 where japn is up to part 4, plus a film coming!

So much fun and so addictive. I can’t believe they have a Manticore. The above strip is not even a joke, that’s really how I beat that level.

Gorgeous visuals, but some times a tough little game(fought Boss #1 three times)! Was my favorite game at E3 (did I mention I went to E3?), and glad to finally own it. (PS: The same company also brought over King of Fighters 12, which was my biggest disappointment of E3. I expected MUCH better sprite work…

Beatles Rock Band:
Good enough game. I like Beatles songs, but the music is very tame. There are very few Beatles songs you can ‘rock out’ to, so not as exciting as the regular rock band. Scored a Hofner bass for the girlfriend though without having to buy the mega set, woot.

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