So I just got back from the E3 video game show (yeah I get to go to E3, so nyah!), and one of the big things there was the new Zelda title – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Two things were pointed out by friends:
1. The motion control sword tends to looks a little wonky as it ends up in some funky positions following the users hand.
2. To line up with the wiimote controls, Link has been made right-handed (while he’s always been left-handed in the past)

So figured I’d comment on that ;) Otherwise, the game definitely feels not quite fully worked out, but I have faith in Nintendo to fix things before the game is done. they have like a 99% awesome track record on Zelda.

Other highlights of the show -

Sonic Colors - I thought this would be another dumb-ass Sonic game for kids, but so far it seems pretty great! Sonic just runs around! That’s all people want, yay! Also Sonic 4, and the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure coming back as a download title(along with other Dreamcast titles) are also looking great!

Mario Sports and Wii Party – anyone else notice they just switched the titles of Wii Sports and Mario Party? meh.

Super Scribblenauts - more of the same… so great!

Epic Mickey – So does not live up to the initial artwork. It’s just some Mickey game.

Kinect/Natal – It looks like it mostly works but, I don’t understand why this would be that fun… and boo on you Microsoft for faking your tech demo. I expect it to flop.

Playstation Move - it’s Wii on Playstation. I dont’ really think there are enough casual gamers on PS3 to make this work…and those ones that do like this sort of thing, they probably already own a Wii

Nintendo 3Ds – Didn’t try it myself, but everyone I know who did was blown away. The 3D without glasses works great(lenticular stuff), and the graphics power is top notch. Looks like PSP is about to die a quick death

Otherwise, the show was pretty disappointing. Pretty much just sequels and derivative games. A LOT of games with the #3 in the title for some reason… even several that aren’t sequels. Odd. Also I noticed the number of gratuitous booth babes was much lower than last year (with the exception of Nintendo’s army of 3DS chesty blondes)

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