UPDATE: Hi all, I’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con all week, so no new strip this week. I will try to get something new up some time on Tuesday the 27th. See you then! Oh, also if you want to come by to see me at SDCC, I’m at the UDON booth #5037. Full details here

Something of a follow-up to a very old Lil Formers, from over 3 years ago: Lil Formers #37: Devastator

Props to whoever can identify all four limbs’ original combiners first. Hint – none of them are Transformers.

Also lots of news this past week! If you missed it on the blog:

Lil Formers – Pirated!
Matt interviewed in ImagineFX magazine
Matt featured in VENT – UDON’s 10th anniversary anthology
Botcon 2010 report

Plus, don’t forget that I’ll be at TFcon in Toronto this coming weekend(July 17-18th) selling prints, buttons, and sketches!

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