(for any noobs…this strip is a shout out all the back to Lil Formers #1!)

So it’s been 4 years, 200 strips (more actually, counting stuff I’ve done for TFW2005, Official Transformers club mag, and more…) and I’m pretty proud of Lil Formers at this point. I’d like to thank all the loyal readers who comment on Lil Formers.com, my watchers on deviantart, those of you who come out to see me at conventions, and even you silent lurkers!

I never anticipated my little web comic would get so popular. Heck, I didn’t even intend for it to be a series at the start. I just doodled out a Shockwave, added a speech balloon to him, and that would have been it… except folks asked for more and eventually I found myself doing Lil Formers every week.

So what does THE END mean? Am I retiring Lil Formers? Well no… but I am putting the weekly strip schedule aside so I can focus on other things. I’ve got some other concepts I want to develop, and a lot of cool stuff is going on at my day job as Managing Editor of UDON Entertainment. Plus I’m getting married in a year! Phew!

I will be doing more Lil Formers strips I’m sure, just not on every Monday like in the past. I will though be doing more blog posts where I dig up old Lil Formers art, talk about projects I’m working on, or maybe just post something I drew that day. So if you come back every week, there should be soemthing nifty for you to check out. ;) I’ve even got a strip idea for next so, who knows…maybe I won’t escape so easily heh.

Thanks again, to everyone.

-Matt Moylan

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