Here’s the scoop on the new webcomic I’m working on!

UDON Entertainment  has teamed up with Namco-Bandai Games (creators of Tekken, Soul Calibur, a little thing called Pac-man…) to reinvent some retro video game properties. The whole line is under a new label called ShiftyLook.

Myself, I’m the writer on a series called Bravoman, with awesome artist Dax “D-Gee” Gordine doing the drawing.

“BRAVOMAN is a wacky gag comic strip featuring the heroic exploits of Bravoman, a tokusatsu-style limb-stretching superhero who battles everything from twenty-foot-tall robots to heavy-metal-loving ninjas. At his side are his alien mentor Alpha Man and a snack-bringing sidekick named Lottery Man, who all join forces to battle the villainous Dr. Bomb and his Robot Corps!”

How long these trips last will depend on how popular they are. So if any of you want to throw me and Dax your support, the best thing you can do right now is go to and post your comments about Bravoman.

The first few strips are live now, with new Strips coming every Saturday and Tuesday so let the wackiness begin!


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