So DREAMSLAVES is going to be the title of any of my Dreamwave related posts. I expect I’ll have a mix of behind-the-scenes stuff, fun stories, and reveal some DW secrets that most folks don’t know about.

Some background – I worked at Dreamwave for 3 years, the company’s whole run as a publisher after they left Image Comics. I started out as an intern/web guy, then moved up to graphic designer, then became Post-Production Manager for the last 2 years. I was basically in charge of all the in house production that was not writing or drawing. So graphic design, lettering, trade paperbacks, posters, ads. Also, as the resident TF geek i was responsible for doing a lot of the visual edits like correct characters eye colors or make sure the faction logos are in the right place.

That in mind, for this first few articles let’s not get too crazy. I’ll just point out some Dreamwave TF comics mistakes or hidden things.


In Transformer Generation 1 Vol.1 #5 (that’s the original DW miniseries) Red Alert appears as part of a group of 8 Autobots trying to stop Megatron’s techono-virus thing in North West Territories / Canada. What wrong with that? Well, originally, Pat drew Sideswipe in the snowy panel below, even though in the very same issue he had already drawn Sideswipe fighting Devastator halfway across the continent in San Francisco, California. So rather than redraw the page, it was decided to recolor him as Red Alert.

The issue was mostly complete when this was figured out, so I was tasked with editing Red Alert into other panels so that it it didn’t seem like he came out of nowhere. I used the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker Cover to TF #4 to add him to one panel, recolored & flipped as Red Alert:

Another panel, I used the already complete TF #6 cover, flipped him and then flipped his head back:

So yeah, artist’s mistake gets the Autobots an extra reinforcement. ;)



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