A g-g-g-girl! Ninja princess Waya Hime makes her first appearance in the latest episode of Bravoman! She’ll be around for the next few strips, so stick around for some bi-polar cuteness. Click the image to read Bravoman #7:

Next, Dax Gordine and I did an interview with video game journalist David Oxford of all about Bravoman. Check it out:

- Interview with Bravoman webcomic creators

Also top comics gossip site Bleeding Cool recently did a review of the whole shiftylook line up including Bravoman, focusing on the creative freedom we’ve been given with these properties. It’s a good read:

- What is this ShiftyLook Thing and Why Should I Care?



Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels) just posted a piece of fan art I did for his G-Man character as one of his ‘fan-art friday” posts. Actually I did it about 3 years ago after getting a sketch commission from Chris, and seems he recently dug it up! Chris’ Mini Marvels strips were a huge influence on Lil Formers, so I’m super proud to have a piece of art show up on his website! Click the image below to see the full size version at


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