Hi guys!

So it’s been a while but I’ve decided to give the old site a bit of a revamp. From now on LilFormers.com is going to be more of a blog where I can write about my experience in the industry and tell some stories from the past. You can still find all the old strips int he archive, and going forward you can expect to here about:

- What goes on at my current job as Managing Editor at UDON Entertainment
- What working on the Dreamwave Transformers comics was like and some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans
- News other projects I’m working on (like my new Namco-Bandai webcomic Bravoman!), and con appearances.
- Art posts of whatever I happen to be drawing lately
- Eventually I will get to some live drawing/chat sessions. I have done a few before and they were fun!
- Maybe even a new strip once in a while!

So I hope you’ll all stay tuned and even what I have to say/draw/sing about!

Oh and since it’s been a while, I figure I owe you guys something Transformery…here a new G1 Bumblebee I whipped up this morning!